FMCG MarketPlace

Our merchants can order a variety of goods easily with delivery being made within 24 hours! Furthermore, our merchants enjoy discounts and promotions.

Access to Inventory Financing

Merchants can buy goods on credit and pay later, enabling them to purchase more and continue growing their business despite potential working capital constraints.

Wallet and Payments

Enables merchants to make and receive payments into an interoperable wallet at no cost, as opposed to transacting in cash.

Join 250K+ merchants who love & trust us

Access to a variety of popular FMCG products

Earn commissions from selling digital financial services

Access to inventory loans to grow your business

Access to discounts and promotions

Free delivery to your shop within 24 hrs

Free 24/7 customer service


  • Download our app for free
  • Seamlessly create an account
  • Browse hundreds of products and services


  • Place and track your orders
  • Make and accept digital payments
  • Check history of orders and transactions


  • Free delivery to your shop
  • Sell digital financial services to earn more
  • Access discounts and promotions
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