Some of our fit for purpose financial partners

Why Partner with Us

We believe in building impactful partnerships that drive the continent forward. That's why we're committed to working with purpose-driven businesses that share our values of sustainability, inclusivity, fairness, and social responsibility.

Why 200+ Manufacturers, Logistics & Financial Service providers partner with us

Direct access to hundreds of thousands of retailers

Analyse your brand performance in real-time

Run trade promotions and marketing campaigns for your products/ services

Launch new products/services in new territories

Why 1000+ Field Agents love and work with us

Access to a variety of popular FMCG products

Earn commissions from selling digital financial services

Access to inventory loans to grow your business

Access to inventory loans to grow your business

Join our community

  • Bring a smartphone and download our app
  • Get verified as a sales or fulfillment agent
  • Receive free training

Onboard merchants near you

  • Register merchants in your area
  • Conduct KYC verification
  • Educate merchants about RejaReja

Earn an income

  • Collect orders any time
  • Earn commissions in real-time
  • Advance your career
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